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How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator


Available in print and electronic versions from Amazon, directly from Lulu Press, and from various other online outlets.

Now in its third edition with over 10,000 copies in print, How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator has become a go-to reference for beginning and experienced translators alike. With over 240 pages of practical, nuts-and-bolts advice about how to launch and run a successful translation business, the third edition also includes an all-new translation technology chapter by Jost Zetzsche.

If you are interested in purchasing foreign rights to translate How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator into another language, please contact me at Brazilian Portuguese, French and Italian translation rights are already sold; other languages available.

Review excerpts

“This book should be required reading at every university or college that teaches any class related to translation. At the very least, it should be essential reading for every aspiring and established linguist. It will give you all the advice you need to get started in the industry or to have a more structured approach in your business. If this book is not the bible for freelance translators, we don’t know what is.”
-Judy and Dagmar Jenner, in Translation Times

“I’ve been doing freelance translation for a number of years now, but this book made me wish I had read it before getting started. How to Succeed As a Freelance Translator can easily be read in a single day, but that one day’s worth of reading can really help you get off on the right foot for the rest of your career in freelance translation.”
-S. Patrick Eaton, in SWET

“This book was a godsend for me. For years, I’ve wanted to work towards freelance translating. I know I have the language and writing skills. My major concern was just getting started. How do I find my first clients? How do I market myself? How exactly does one do translation as a full-time job? And especially, what about those pesky taxes? This book answered all my questions and then some.”
-Kelly Rochford, in Kelly’s [Former] France Blog

“This is a book for those who want to read insights into the world of professional translation from a practical point of view, those who are planning on becoming a translator (read this book first to make sure you’re on the right path) and also for those of you who, like me, are established translators with a curiosity about how fellow translators organize their businesses. ”
-Fabio Said, in Fidus Interpres

“If you are thinking about becoming a translator, this book will either set you straight or launch you successfully on your way. If you are an established translator, interpreter, or a translation company owner, this book will improve your standing in the profession, the quality of your work, and your income.”
George Fletcher, writing in the ATA Chronicle

“I encourage everyone to buy it and reap the benefits.”
Jonathan Hine, writing in the ATA Chronicle

“A recommended resource for any beginning translator and a welcome one for those already in the business.”
Eve Lindemuth Bodeux, writing in Translation Journal

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